About Sweetsensations

Hi there, my name is Helen and this is my collection of SweetSensations. Here I'll be reviewing sweet treats from all over the world, along with adding any videos I create to my YouTube channel!

I've always been a fan of sweets, cakes, biscuits etc, to be honest who isn't! Back in 2011 I made a video on my personal channel called 'Candy Grabber Unboxing'. This video, well I wouldn't say it went viral as such but it did become very popular. Since that video I did a International Candy Exchange and a few others, these videos ended up being the most watched content on my channel. This is when the lightbulb appeared above my head and I realised this would be a fantastic idea for a blog/channel, and here we are. 

I'll be giving all of my reviews a rating out of 5, these will be at the end of each post like so:

Helen x