Monday, 23 September 2013

Debenhams Seasonal Sweet Delights

We are now in September, with only 3 months until Christmas the festive sweet treats are already beginning to appear on the shop shelves. Yesterday I popped into Debenhams hoping to get a new bag 25% off, I failed but instead I came across all of these great yummy sweet gifts :)

The first items that caught my eye were the huge Swizzels Matlow Drumstick and Love Hearts money boxes. Then it was the Chuppa Chups Lunch tin.

The Mini sweetshop selection including Dolly Mix, Jelly Beans and Jazzies was a great set. And the Sweets of the 80's is a good nostalgic idea. 

And there were so many various sizes of other classic favourites too! The massive Pick'n'mix and the Giant Strawberries were by far my favourite.

Didn't see the following at the Bath store, but Debenhams have some great stuff on their website. Seriously have my eye on that Jelly Belly machine!!

Jelly Belly jelly bean machine          Chuppa Chups flower bouquet

Jelly Belly Uno card game          Jelly Belly chocolate dips gift box

Think I know where I'm going for some Christmas gifts and review videos :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sweet wedding gift

Last weekend Jerry (boyfriend) flew to Sweden for a friends wedding. When I asked what they would like as a gift my first reply was nothing, which then led to a box full of candy. Sooo... that's exactly what I did!

Step 1: Purchase a good range of British/favourite sweet treats

1x Sour Patch Kids, 1x Original Skittles, 2x Love Hearts, 1x Refreshers, 1x Fruit Salad, 1x Jelly Tots, 2x Haribo fun packs, 1x dipdab, 2x Flumps, 1x Candy Sticks, 2x Fizzers, 1x Parma Violets, 1x Drumstick, 1x Double Lolly, 2x Bubblegum and Strawberry Millions and 6x Pez.

Step 2: Buy a lovely gift box and pad out the bottom to protect the sweet goodies.

Step 3: Arrange your sweet goodies so it will make their mouth's water when opened.

And of course I made a card too, I don't believe in buying cards unless it's purely last resort! Nothing better than a personalised hand made card.

Step 4: Place card in box, cover with lid and wrap in a pretty bow.